Suggestions for improving Easymine Mining Pools.

We're looking to add another couple Easy Mine pools to our existing collection (Vertcoin, Myriad, Unitus and Monacoin). Coins that share a common algorithm with Unitus (so Lyra2re2, Skein, Yescrypt, X11, Argon2d) will have an advantage, but all will be considered.

Requirements: The coin must have a stable wallet that shares a common blockchain structure to Bitcoin, and uses an algorithm supported by

In your suggestions, please provide:

Coin Website
Coin Wallet Source Location (github etc)
Exchanges the coin can be traded on

Verge (XVG)

Suggested by: Verge#1 (27 Feb)
Upvoted: yesterday


Suggested by: grs miners (28 Feb)
Upvoted: 15 Mar
Under consideration

Please add DASH!

Suggested by: Linda (27 Feb)
Upvoted: 15 Mar
Under consideration

Argentum coin

Suggested by: Arkq (18 Mar)
Upvoted: 18 Mar
Under consideration
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